Kingston Wharves renews support for Father Ho Lung and Friends

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Father Ho Long

Kingston Wharves Limited (KWL) Company’s, announced its renewed support for the annual production of Father Ho Lung and Friends, this year being Queen Esther. The show, produced by the Missionaries of the Poor, will receive sponsorship furthering the commitment made last year at the restaging of Moses.


“Last year’s restaging of Moses from all reports and from our perspective was a success and as such, we were more than happy to support once again.” Stated Clover Moodie, Group Chief Financial Officer, Kingston Wharves. “In renewing our sponsorship we know that among other things this production will have a big impact. This impact will be felt beyond the 60,000 plus patrons who will see the production, to those persons who will benefit from the financial resources that are derived”

The Kingston has in the past sponsored productions of The Greatest Hits – Candles in the Dark, The Messiah and Moses.

About KWL

KWL is a publicly listed company on the Jamaica Stock Exchange with Net Assets valuing US$148 million. The Group has experienced steady growth through prudent management and a commitment to continuous improvement that has ensured its competitiveness and strong performance since 1945. In addition to its core businesses of port terminal and logistics operations, the KWL Group operates a wholly owned industrial and port security services company, Security Administrators Limited (SAL) and a Cold Storage Facility, Harbour Cold Stores (HCS) Limited.